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Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer
Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer
Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer
Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer
Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer
Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer
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Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer

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Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer

Are you tired of your favorite outfits looking horrible? You have an important family event coming and the invite specifically requests a smart/fancy dress code. As soon as you saw the words “smart/fancy.” You felt your heart sink, the last time you dressed up in something that was fancy, everyone was looking at you weirdly, you felt extremely uncomfortable and those clothes were far too expensive. How do you stop this from happening again?

Maybe you are going out on a date and you want to impress them with your fancy looking outfit? You have just matched with someone on Tinder and you both really want to meet up in person, but you are worried about what sort of outfit you should wear. What should you wear, should you iron your outfit or just wear it out of the washer? Do you get a garment steamer to freshen up your clothes or just wear them as is? 

Or would you rather save money on overpriced clothes streamers? You need the best clothes steamer you can find because you have an important family event coming up, plus a date not long before that. So you need your fancy outfits to be as fresh as possible. But where do you go to find a high-quality yet affordable portable clothes steamer? You have tried looking around some of your local stores but found nothing. Now you are dedicating hours of your day to researching different portable streamers. You scroll through hundreds of websites and watch countless YouTube reviews. But you fail to find the perfect one for you...

“All I need is a reliable, effective, and affordable clothes steamer! That is it, why is it so hard to find a single product that can do what I want!? Everything that I manage to find online is either too expensive, has horrible reviews or it performs poorly!” You think to yourself. “What do I do now?”

Your answer could be the NINJA BARGAINS Powerful Handheld 1500W Clothes Steamer. With its portable design and lightweight, simple instructions, one-button start, large 1500w steam output, ability to be used on more than just clothes, and 170ML visual water tank. You will stop yourself from stressing about your outfits, you will improve the quality of your clothing, you will impress others at important events and you will smell better as well!


1500W Light Indicator Handheld Iron Steamer Garment Clothes Steamers with Steam Irons Brushes Iron for Ironing Clothes Sterilizing Disinfecting Mini Household Appliances

This product is an efficient and environmentally friendly household cleaning and ironing products, its continuous ejection of high-temperature and high-pressure steam can be used for ironing, sterilization, cleaning, etc. become easy, suitable for home, hotels, and outdoor travel.


  1. Connecting the power supply, it can produce continuous, high temperature and high-pressure steam in two minutes. It is very suitable for household cleaning and ironing clothes.

2.Ironing:high-temperature strong steam can easily iron clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc., in particular, the need for vertical ironing clothes (such as suits, etc.), more suitable for ironing with this product, the product is equipped with an ironing brush, in addition to ironing, but also sterilization of clothes and removal of odors.

3.Sterilization: high temperature and strong steam can kill a variety of harmful bacteria quickly and ensure the cleanliness of the household.

4.Cleaning: High temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and strip the oil stains, dirt, and mold spots on the surface and cracks of household products. The product is also equipped with a brush, window brush head.  With the ejection of high-temperature steam at the same time, it can scrub the surface of objects clean simply and quickly.  The effect is remarkable.

5.Water tank separation: easy dismantling and water adding, is a reduced version of vertical hanging steamer machine, which is very popular in the market.

Usage method:

  1. Connect the power supply, the power indicator lights start to flicker, the heating body begins to heat, until the indicator lights out, you can use.
  2. In the course of operation, the steam button is pressed and loosened rhythmically every 2 seconds, and a large amount of continuous high temperature and high-pressure steam can be produced from the front nozzle.
  3. The switch also has an automatic gear, which can automatically spray continuously.


Product material: ABS, PC, electric heating module.

Power length:1.8 meters, full copper power cord.

Voltage: 110V-240V

Product power:1500W/50-60Hz

Water tank capacity: 250ml

Heating mode: electric heating type.

Scope of use: ironing of clothes, shirts, underwear, bags, neckties, etc.

Product functions: ironing, humidifying, disinfecting, and sterilizing

Product weight: 800g


The faster the press, the temporary increase in steam volume, but the relatively lower brush temperature, may make the brush steam insufficient.

Especially in ironing clothes, it is more appropriate to use slow pressure out steam, to ensure the production of high-temperature steam, so that it is easier to iron clothes.

It is a normal phenomenon that the body will get a fever during work. This product is equipped with an over-temperature protector. It is safe and reliable.

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures. Thank you!


Package Includes:

1 x Handheld Iron Steamer

1 x Long Hair Brush Head

1 x Manual