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Portable Retractable Stool
Portable Retractable Stool
Portable Retractable Stool
Portable Retractable Stool
Portable Retractable Stool
Portable Retractable Stool
Portable Retractable Stool

Portable Retractable Stool

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"Super light and durable. I am 250 lbs and there was no problem sitting in. It’s an awesome stool. I used it on my vacation because I had a foot problem and I could not stand for long period of time and this was awesome to use. Love it!
~ Courtney

"This stool is great. So small & compact, yet works so well when needing a place to sit. Opens & folds up so quickly & easily. Perfect to leave in the car. Use it in long lines to events.
~ Melanie


"I was looking for some compact stool which could support at least 200 Lbs of weight and that it can be put in my backpack. It seems this is one fits my need very well. Giving the compactness and light weight feature, I don't think any other options I saw from the internet would be able to surpass the capacity of this one."
~ Kevin

Do you have knee or feet problems that cause you to not be able to stand for long periods of time? Have you ever wish there's a chair you could sit on while waiting in long lines at checkout or at events?

Now You Can Sit Anywhere, Anytime

With this Portable Retractable Stool, you'll no longer have to go through all those leg pains to stand in line or even to just admire the beautiful scenery around you. Imagine the comfort and luxury of being able to sit anywhere you choose without the struggle to get down on the ground and straining your knees as a result.

This portable stool is perfect for elderly people. It is lightweight and collapses down to practically nothing, so it's super convenient and easy to carry around everywhere you go.

The unique stool opens and folds up in seconds. It fully extends up to 18.1 inches tall, and retracts to a compact size of just 2.5 inches thick. It even comes equipped with a hand and shoulder strap so you can carry it with you anywhere with ease.

Because of its compactness, this doesn't take much space to store. Tuck this stool away in the corner of your house or in your car and bring it out when you need it. Perfect to bring along on your next camping, fishing or hunting trips.

Got some work to be done in your garden or backyard, but dislike squatting, bending or kneeling on the ground that causes leg and backaches? This stool is perfect for gardening tasks! Adjust the stool to the desired height to work comfortably.

This stool is made of high quality polyamide, a material known for its high strength and lightweight durability. It can hold up to 440 pounds!

  • ✅ Material: High-quality Polyamide - High strength and lightweight durability.

  • Stable structure - Holds up to 440 pounds.

  • Anti-skid bottom - Non-slip, wear-resistant, stable on the ground.

  •  Adjustable height - Extends up to 18.1".

  • ✅ Space saving - Easy to store.

  •  Portable and lightweight - Very easy to take along with you everywhere.

  •  Size: Folding - 18.1" (45.97cm) x 9.8" (24.89cm).

Easy to use, carry, clean, and store. Great for people that need a stool in random places. My husband does repair work in businesses, homes, rooftops, and uses it all the time. It’s compact, fairly lightweight but really can reliably lock at different heights and hold a lot of weight. The carry strap is well-made. The stool is thick and durable. The maximum height is that of a standard chair. Useful for kids’ sporting events, fishing, camping, etc. It could act as a small table when needed."
~ Melissa

"I set it up in seconds and stood on it and I'm not small at 200 lbs. This is a great little stool. I bought it because I'm a hardcore disc golfer and I have to stand a lot when waiting to tee off. This works great for me. I can tuck it away in my bag or hang it on the side and I have a seat in seconds. I would and have already recommended this product."
~ Devin

"Recommended to family for use in shower when someone had limited endurance. Our bath chair sat in the floor, a dripping slip and trip hazard, while everyone not needing the chair showered. We had no place to store the chair when dry. This stool does great, it's a decent height for sitting. Doesn't slide around in shower. It dries well (no water pooling), no mildew problem, but easily sprayed with sanitizer. It stores easily for ready access."
~ Tom


"This is one of those Why didn't I think of this before products. Excellent in every regard, storage, utility, function, easy to expand to multiple heights..... Love It!"
~ Tracey

"Very compact and easy to carry. I can't stand for long, so I take it to the market and pull it out if there's a line at the checkout. I like that it has a handhold and a shoulder strap."
~ Anne

"Got this for my husband to use at work and he LOVES it!! He's had so many people ask him where did he get it and telling him how neat and useful it looks!! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this stool for convenience and utility!!!!"
~ Lindy

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